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The Graham Family

Back in July, we photographed the sweet and wonderful Graham family in Baltimore. Kristen and Mike's little man, Griffin, is a year old and so ridiculously cute. We started out taking shots at their house. Then we went to Fort McHenry and had a great time walking around. There was a nice open field, and Griffin just loved running around barefoot in the grass and exploring - we had fun trying to keep up with him :)

** Side note to photographers: you need a permit to take pictures at Fort McHenry! We didn't find out until a security guard chased after Drew, laid down the rules, and told him to leave...oops! Thank goodness we were at the end of our session :)


Kim & Jeremy - Trash the Dress!

We. love. Kim and Jeremy. We met them through our friend Rob, and we can't get enough of them. You may remember our Stunt Doubles post from last November where I listed the things we have in common with them (everything's still the same - except we no longer shoot Nikon!) Kim and I had been corresponding about doing a Trash the Dress session for awhile, so I was happy that we finally decided on a date and could start scouting locations. Thankfully, they live in Baltimore, so there's character everywhere you look...it provided the perfect backdrop.

Kim looked elegant and gorgeous in her wedding dress, and Jeremy looked dapper and hip in his suit and Vans. We started out at their fabulous row home and took some shots in the backyard with their cute doggies, Emily and Petie. Then we headed down the block for some more awesome locations, which included a barbed wire fence and train tracks (we had to climb up some huge steps to get there - I don't like heights, but it was so worth the shakiness I endured :) It started to rain when we were up there, so we jumped in the car and headed to Hampden. Luckily the rain stopped and we were able to get some hilarious shots of them jumping in front of a recreation center mural. Then we decided to hit up the Honfest, which was SO FUN! Kim & Jeremy were showered with attention from all the festival go-ers...we got shots of them with a bunch of Hons and then ducked into an alley for some sweet shots of just the two of them. To end the day, we drove to Mount Vernon and they jumped in one of the fountains. It was pretty much a perfect day. They were open to all of our crazy ideas and we never heard one complaint from them! What I love about all of this is Kim plans on donating her dress, which is such a great thing to do. I encourage all brides to have some fun in their dress after the wedding and then give it to charity. She has inspired me to do the same (as soon as I can get back in shape to fit into my dress!)

I'm also addicted to Kim's blog. She's an amazing writer and always has entertaining stories. You must check it out. She and Jeremy are also going to start a photo blog soon, so watch out for that! They're both VERY talented behind the lens and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them and their photography. Bookmark her now!

So here are our favorites from the day...and you can view their slideshow HERE!

A-a-a-a-and...we wiped them out. Mission accomplished :)

I know I've already said it, but you must check out their slideshow. It's only 2 minutes and 17 seconds long, and we packed in over a hundred images. **CLICK HERE** to view the KJ goodness!


The Baltimore Museum of Industry

We are SO happy that we decided to go with the Baltimore Museum of Industry for our reception. I don't know of another venue that has an airplane hanging from the ceiling! It's an awesome place inside and out with a lot of history. Funny, I grew up just outside Baltimore and never knew this place existed...it's a hidden treasure. A special thanks goes to my friend, Melody, who suggested it to us (she had her baby, by the way! I'll devote a whole blog entry to that later :) Here are some shots of the museum we took and a few pics from the reception that people have sent us.





Drew with his beautiful Mom (and my new mother-in-law, Lida :)


Erin's hubby took this one (thanks, Petey Pab!)... Our photographers were taking our picture with the Domino Sugar sign in the background. I cannot wait to see how that turned out!


Our FABULOUS Bridal Party (we love you guys!!) right before we were announced into the reception (this pic is missing the Maid of Honor - where were ya, Linz?)


Oh - and in case you were wondering, Drew and the groomsmen (and all of the other Filipino men & boys at the wedding) wore Barong Tagalogs (or Barongs, for short) instead of tuxes. Barongs are the traditional formal garment of the Philippines. It was actually Drew's idea to wear them, and I am so glad he suggested it! I think all the guys looked very handsome in them :)
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